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Asset Management-Remarketing
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Asset Management-Remarketing
Environmental Integrity


Environmental Integrity, as part of its electronic recycling and end of life management services for e-waste, offers a great deal of asset management and re-marketing to our customers.  Asset Management and re-marketing just means that when we’re given electronic devices to recycle, we first try to reuse them if they are still in working condition and then try to sell the components that are still useful. The selling of these devices or components can help offset the cost of recycling some materials.

Environmental Integrity’s commitment to technologically advanced and large scale recycling means that we can provide not only cost-effective electronic recycling, but also help you recoup some of your costs by investing in material recovery.  Why simply dump your electronic assets when you can get some of the money back in the process? Our asset management and remarketing programs can very easily help you recoup much of your recycling costs and help you get the greatest return on investment for your electronic assets.


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