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Electronic Recycling
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Electronic Recycling
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Electronic recycling is the focus of our business. We recycle a wide variety of electronic devices and IT equipment including telephones, computers, printers, fax machines, CRT/LCD monitors, TVs, keyboards, backup power supplies, scanners, and network devices. Any electronic device can be recycled in our complex, including devices with sensitive and confidential data that needs to be destroyed.

Our electronic recycling solutions include Asset Disposal, Secondary Re-marketing, Dismantle Reclamation, Screening and Repair, Sorting, Data Collection, and Battery Recycling.

Environmental Integrity has over 20 years of experience in reusing, recycling, and destroying electronic devices. Electronic recycling in safe, environmentally friendly, and secure ways is our passion. All of our recycling is completed in an environmentally friendly manner and at a secure location in Massachusetts.

If you are interested in data destruction, helping the environment, or any of our electronic recycling services, do not hesitate to contact us today.


Please note some items do require us to charge a recycling fee. They are listed below:

CRT Computer Monitors:
All Sizes – $5
CRT Televisions:
12″ – 19″ – $6
20″ – 29″ – $10
30″ & Up – $15
Consol/Rear Projection – $25
Fluorescent Lamps:
Tubes – $.30 per foot
W/ Mercury – $5
Many of These Items contain hazardous and extremely toxic materials. By charging a recycling fee, we are able to work with the appropriate vendors who have developed processes to ensure those materials stay out of the environment and are safely recycled.

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