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Questions to ask your Secure data destruction Provider about Electronic recycling.
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When replacing a computer, what happens to the data on it. Is it secure data? There are plenty of programs that assist in secure Data destruction and electronic recycling. But can they do it effectively and in a cost efficient manner. Out sourcing May be the better choice. But how do you know who is the right choice for you. Here are some questions to ask

What method of secure data destruction are they using.

There are many different forms of electronic recycling and physical data destruction. There are issues like single pass, 3 pass, 7 pass , Secure Erase, to name a few. Nist states a single pass is generally sufficient but the stand is generally a three pass.

Other options like degaussing , shredding, drilling or going at it with a hammer. But be aware that these methods can leave portions of the drives that may be recovered at a later date if the hard ware is recovered

What to do with Failed drives?

Some drives cannot be wiped completely. Remapped and bad sectors can still have secure data on them. When are these drives considered unusable? What do you do when the drive fails. Are the drives physically destroyed?

What to do with E-waste?

Regardless of the method of Secure Data destruction, there will be Waste in some form or another. With growing concerns about the safety of our planet , this is one question that must be asked.

Are they partnered with a recycling firm?

Do they do the electronic recycling them selves?

Are they environmentally friendly

These are Questions anyone should consider when looking at their secure data destruction options.

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